Our Trip To Copenhagen!

Hi everyone!

This is way overdue, and I’m sorry I’ve been bad about posting. November was bananas at work and Matt and I had a lot going on, so I participated in a bit of no-blog-november (that’s a thing, right?). Anyway, I wanted to write about our recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark! 

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Let me start by saying that Copenhagen is fantastic. Matt and I went up with our friend Jared, and we honestly had the best time. Matt says it’s his favourite city in Europe, even. It’s definitely up there for me, but I think I prefer Prague still. In any case, it was one of my favourites, and we definitely had one of my favourite days ever while we were there.

We flew from Dublin to Copenhagen on Norwegian. Norwegian is a budget-friendly airline, and overall, I’d recommend it. Round trip, it was about €40, so it was a great deal. Ryanair beat the price by about €10, but then we’d have to deal with Ryanair, and I didn’t feel like traumatising myself. So definitely check out Norwegian when you get a chance!

Matt and I arrived Friday night at about 11pm. It immediately struck us how clean EVERYTHING was. The floors. The streets. The bathrooms. The train stations. Everything was SO clean. We hopped on a train from the airport toward city centre, which is where our hotel was located.


We stayed in Hotel Loeven. It’s a no-frills option to be sure, but again, everything was super clean and it was in a great location. Our room was a triple, so it had a bed for Matt, Jared, and I. It was really spacious and we had a pleasant window view. Hotels in Copenhagen are on the pricy side, so all said and done, we paid about €150 a night. Was it worth €150 night? Anywhere else, no. In Copenhagen, however, it was par for the course.

That’s one thing to note for sure – Copenhagen is not a cheap city. You will pay a bit more here compared to some other European cities. But it’s a really beautiful place, and I believe it’s worth it.

Jared arrived Saturday morning and we set out for breakfast after he arrived. We went to a yummy bakery nearby, and then walked through the shopping district to the famous Nyhavn district with all the colorful houses and buildings.


Near Nyhavn, we rented bikes for the day. Copenhagen is similar to Amsterdam in that it’s a cycling culture. There’s fabulous bike highways everywhere and plenty of bike accessibility and parking. We had a ton of fun riding our bikes around the city.

One of our first stops was in Freetown Christiania. Christiania is an intentional community and commune of about 850 to 1,000 residents, and it’s a crazy cool place. There’s graffiti on all the walls, tons of art galleries (including a super bad-ass female blacksmith), little bakeries, and shops. It’s a real hippy place, but it’s nice to visit. There’s no cars allowed in Christiania, so you can bike through or walk around without worrying about cars.

From there we went on and biked through town on the bike highways and bridges. It was really cold while we were there, so we ended up parking our bikes because the wind was a bit too chilly. We went to several Christmas Markets and had delicious cups of glogg. Glogg, also called Glühwein or mulled wine, is a spiced, usually alcoholic drink, served warm. The original form of Glogg, a spiced liquor, was used to revive messengers and postmen who travelled on horseback or skis in cold weather in Scandinavia. I may not have been a postman or messenger, but I was cold, and it did revive me.


I literally cannot wait to make glogg for my family and friends when we come home for Christmas this year, and I’ll be posting a recipe for it soon!

The rest of the evening we wandered around and enjoyed the city. Sunday we woke up and rode our bikes back to Nyhavn to go to the Christmas market again, see the famous Little Mermaid statue, and also return the bikes.

We then walked back to the absolute highlight of the trip, Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli gardens is absolute magic. Matt, Jared, and I will all tell you that we prefer it to Disneyland. In fact, Walt Disney based Disneyland on Tivoli Gardens. It’s one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, and boasts the second oldest wooden roller coaster in the world that also served as the inspiration to Disneyland’s Matterhorn. The best part: it’s only €40 for entrance and unlimited rides, and all the food and drinks and goodies inside are relatively inexpensive.


Tivoli is a beautiful snow-covered winter wonderland this time of year. It literally looks like you walked into a cheesy hallmark movie that takes place in the North Pole. Absolutely everything is covered in snow, and there’s adorable shops filled with snowglobes or warm hats or santa decorations or warm food or glogg or sweets or anything else wonderful you would imagine. There’s also the most delightful Christmas music playing throughout the park.

That would be wonderful in itself, but Tivoli also has amazing rides. They have everything from terror-inducing swings that fling you hundreds of feet above Copenhagen to beautiful merry-go-rounds to Virtual Reality rides to loop-de-loop roller coasters, wooden rollercoasters, rides that flip and twirl you, bumper cars, love boats, drop towers – honestly any kind of ride you enjoy, they have it. There’s stuff for kids and adults alike. We had SO much fun here. We easily spent 8-10 hours here, and we didn’t wait more than 10 minutes in line. Most of the time, we walked right up.

I can’t guarantee it will always be like that, and I’ll admit it got so cold that we had to go back to the hotel to add even more layers, but it’s an absolute blast. I can’t wait to go back already. It was literally one of the very best days I’ve ever had – it was just filled with so much joy. It was an infectiously happy place. Matt and Jared and I literally can’t say enough amazing things about it.

After a fun filled day, we went back to the hotel. Monday we woke up and did a bit of shopping (it was the weekend of all the black Friday sales) before heading back to the airport. The Copenhagen airport is absolutely crazy, too. It’s an airport disguised as a super fancy shopping mall. The only way you’d realise it was an airport was because everyone has suitcases and occasionally you see a sign for a gate or a call for boarding.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. I loved every minute of it. And as a little aside, the 7-11’s in Copenhagen are SO fancy and they have this Tiger Chai that is absolutely amazing and you have to try it if you’re there. Well, that and the glogg.

That’s all for now! More soon, I promise.



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