Settling in

It is SO windy today.

I’m on the train as we speak, but my bike ride from work to the station was absolutely mad. I was practically blown away. But, I’m safe and sound and warm on the DART, the wifi signal is surprisingly strong, and I’m sipping on a flat white, so I figured why not type out a post?

Matt and I are really starting to settle in to Dublin now. We have our routines, we’ve been making friends (yay!), and we’re starting to know the area. It’s so nice to finally have an idea of where I am when I’m in the city or around home. I no longer look like a tourist with google maps out on my phone, walking slowly so I don’t miss a turn.

Anyway, we’ve kept ourselves occupied the past couple of weeks. Here’s a few highlights!

Bray to Greystones Cliff Hike

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. “Hike” is honestly a loose term here, but there’s some uphill bits, and it’s a decent length. We started off in Bray, a beautiful little seaside town. There’s lots of pubs and restaurants and ice cream places, and the boardwalk is lovely. It’s about 15 minutes away from us via DART.

From Bray, you walk up the path toward Bray Head (the little mountain/hill there). It’s paved for a good while, and eventually it turns into a little earthen path that’s well marked. You go up and over Bray Head and around it and walk the 7km to Greystones.

You’re right on the edge of the cliffs the whole way, and the views are stunning. You can see all the way to Howth in the north, and you get a beautiful view of Killiney bay. The sea is right below you the whole way, crashing into picturesqe pointed rocks below. You can even see some seals if you’re lucky! The train line is also beneath you, and it’s really cool to see the tunnels carved through the rock and the trains clinging to the tracks. The cliffs themselves are beautiful, with wild flowers and old ruins along the way. The day we went it was sunny and beautiful and there was a beautiful sea breeze.


That said, we were starving by the time we got to Greystones. Greystones is another beautiful little fishing town (I’m starting to think all of Ireland must be like this haha!). We walked into town and stopped for some tapas and sangria. The weather was so great so we sat outside and rested our feet for a bit. Then, we headed back on the DART to Bray for some gelato at Gino’s and went home to Killiney!

If you come to Ireland, I really, really encourage you to make the trip down to Bray for this cliff walk. The views are stunning and it really shows you a beautiful part of the Emerald Isle.

People’s Park Market

The People’s Park Market is located on the edge of Dún Laoghaire (remember: it’s pronounced dun leery) in the historic People’s Park.

The Park has been open to the public since 1890 and features beautiful Victorian architecture, like the Gate Lodge and Tea Rooms. There’s even a bandstand featuring the original gaslight standards and a little playground.

The market is a very popular spot, attracting large crowds every weekend. Over 50 vendors trade each Sunday selling a wide range of products including hot food, baked goods, art and crafts, artisan food products and seasonal produce.

We bought so much when we went for the first time – it all looked so good! There was italian coffee and pasta and pesto, Chinese dumplings, Spanish omelettes, French crepes, freshly baked bread, local organic apples, veggie and cheese pies, fresh cage-free eggs…the list goes on.  It’s all so fresh and yummy. Not to mention that everyone brings their dogs, so there’s lots of cute puppies to pet!

It’s defintiely going to become a weekly event for us!

Oktoberfest Dublin

Oktoberfest was so fun! It’s right on the Quays in Dublin, and we met up with some friends beforehand at a place called Lagoona. We drank some yummy German beer, danced around, and took some funny photos. It was honestly just really nice to hang out with friends and soak in the atmosphere!

It was raining the night we went so everyone was crammed into the main tent. Everybody had large mugs of beer swinging around and people were singing and dancing, and all the light was purple and pink and blue. For a while there was a DJ, but then a live band came on and played. It’s funny because the live band were all dressed up as priests, and they played trumpets that were on fire. I’m not really sure what was going on, but I liked it. I really want to go to the real deal in Munich now!

Conor McGregor Watch Party

Alright, so I’m not really into UFC, but when you’re in Ireland and there’s a Conor McGregor fight, you gotta watch it.

We went with our friend Nisha out to Wicklow around 10pm to watch it. We were actually at this girl Vicky’s house, and oh my gosh, she’s the sweetest. We met her and a few other of Nisha’s friends, and Matt and I had the best time. We played games and talked and danced around until 5am, when the fight actually started. By the time we actually got to bed, it was like 7am, and I’ve never been so tired in my life.

Conor McGregor,

The fight itself was a little disappointing because McGregor lost, but there was all this stuff that happened after the fight and it was wild. The main point for me was that it was so fun to stay up all night and watch!

Well folks, those are the main highlights of the past couple of weeks! I promise to post more frequently, last week at work was just crazy and I wasn’t feeling 100%. I am hoping to do some posts on my favorite parts of Dublin (so far) and maybe a few more travel guides!

Matt and I are knee deep in planning for a bunch of trips to the UK and the continent coming up, so stay tuned for those! And as always, be sure to let me know if there’s anything specific you want to know.




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