Surprise! I’m moving to Ireland

Guess what y’all!!

Exactly four short weeks from today, I’ll be hopping on an Aer Lingus flight from LAX to Dublin, Ireland. TO LIVE THERE. I’ll be saying goodbye to the dusty desert and hello to the rainy, lush greenery of Ireland.

It’s really a dream come true. I mean, I’M GOING TO LIVE ABROAD!! I’m taking my youthful hopes and dreams and my boyfriend Matt and some unrealistic expectations about finding affordable housing and I am moving my butt over to the Emerald Isle. Might as well do it while we’re young and have our lives ahead of us, you know?

I won’t lie – it’s a little scary. I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life. The desert is my home, and it always will be, but I’m so ready to broaden my horizons. I’m trading cactus for the Cliffs of Moher. One of the great perks about living in Dublin is that the flights to the rest of Europe – France, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands and so on – are really inexpensive. I’ll be able to travel around the continent and see the world! I can’t wait to experience different cultures and people and languages and food and traditions. Who knows, maybe I’ll even pick up a little accent along the way!

I’ve been super fortunate to travel around Europe in the past, but I feel like this is a whole different ballgame. And while I’ve been to the UK and the main continent, I’ve never been to Ireland. Will I get homesick? Will I mind all the rain? Does it actually rain that much? Will I be able to understand people past the thick accents? I guess we’ll find out.

Anyway, I’ll be using this little blog to document my time abroad. Hopefully it’s filled with adventures and life-changing experiences. I have exactly 28 days before I move, so wish me luck as I pack up my entire life and ship it halfway across the world.

I really hope that Irish blessing about the road rising up to meet me holds true!



4 thoughts on “Surprise! I’m moving to Ireland

  1. SO excited for you, Kaity! We’re planning a trip to London next May. Hopefully, you and Matt can join us there for a day or two to explore and enjoy a meal or 4. Love you so much, honey!

  2. What a great Adventure Kaity. I’m sure you will enjoy your time in my homeland. I look forward to your blogs. Love to Cristy, I’m sure she will miss you dearly, but, she will just have to have more holidays to the Emerald Isle. All the best Kaity and travel safe xx

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